The Rapid Shifting Experience (RSE) is a life-altering, radical change process that creates deep, lasting shifts in as fast as 30 days.

Unlike traditional coaching which only works with the conscious mind, we blend both conscious and subconscious techniques to create a lasting shift between what you do and what you think.

It works by combining the power of an innovative form of hypnotherapy – RTT®  which has radically transformed the lives of thousands of people around the world.- and my own signature coaching process.

Using modalities such as coaching, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, visualization, embodiment and neurolinguistic programming it produces a rapid, transformative and lasting effect on your business and your life.

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The Rapid Shifting Experience applies an innovative form of hypnotherapy in combination with coaching to treat the root cause of your issues, not just the symptoms.

In just one, two hour session, you will uncover the underlying reasons for your challenge/issue and change it at the subconscious level which creates a powerful emotional release and freedom from fear and pain.

With the Rapid Shifting Experience, we then work with you to stop unhealthy patterns at the subconscious and conscious level and integrate powerful new belief systems, allowing you to heal and correct unaddressed issues so you can finally live your ideal life.

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Jumpstart session

During this jumpstart session, we will define together a clear blueprint for the next 3/6/ 12 months. We will define your priorities, set the right expectations and define  actionable steps to reach your objectives

Created Life Experience

Living a life filled with purpose and excitement, as well as feeling alive and healthy, is not an exception to the rule.  One coach, One guest and ONE day carefully prepared – with the path leading to a life you truly love.

Weekly Coaching

Michael Cohen 365 Coaching is unlike any other life coaching program in the world. We will go through the following steps: identify limiting beliefs, develop patterns to overcome the beliefs, reinforce patterns and achieve goals

2 x 2 Days Workshop

2 Times 2 Days workshops. Chose 2 subjects from: Branding, Sales, Finance, Leadership, Digital Marketing, Creative Thinking, Sport & Nutrition, Relationship & Intimacy. You will work with an exclusive partner, expert in the selected field.


Lifetime access to the RSG Method

No one taught you how to reach your goals. How can you become the achiever everyone expects you to be when all you feel is overwhelmed? The solution is The Ready Set Goal Masterclass. Being overwhelmed is costing you. It’s time to become an Action Taker.

4 RTT Sessions

Transform your life powerfully and permanently. RTT® is multi-award-winning and critically-acclaimed as a new go-to therapy A single session will often generate significant change in even complex issues in as little as 1–3 sessions.

Regular Check-ins via our App

I’ll be your accountability partner, regularly checking in between sessions, via our App, to keep you on track to achieving your goals.  Throughout the week, I’ll make sure you stay on target and focused.